How a Kyrenia nobleman was shot 60 years ago in the Congo

By Bertil Wedin……

My daughter Sophie has just found an exactly 60 year old photograph of the late Count Eric Bonde who was a Kyrenia resident for very many years. The picture shows what he looked like without a shirt one day in January 1961 in Katanga, Congo, Africa, when he had been shot in a battle between rebels and a United Nations military unit and was  smoking a cigarette while holding a Swedish army submachine gun. Continue reading

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Cable cars to St Hilarion Castle – my old joke. Stop it.

By Bertil Wedin………

The idea of a cable car connection between Kyrenia and St Hilarion was mentioned 30 years ago, but it was done so jokingly as the most vulgar development I could imagine.

Since 1985 I have lived in a widely unrecognised country with the awkwardly long name Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus which is often shortened to TRNC, or North or Northern Cyprus. Continue reading

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Hello, I am still alive and what good could Trump do?

By Bertil Wedin……..

This is the time of the year when many retired people have to produce evidence of the fact that they have remained alive, because if they fail to do so, they might not receive further payments from their pension and investment funds. Continue reading

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Brexit? It is important to leave the EU now

By Bertil Wedin……

With only hours left before the UK referendum on whether Britain should leave the European Union or remain as one of its 28 members, I have found some most relevant but perhaps little known notes which you might like to consider. Continue reading

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Remembrance Sunday – Remembering heroes from hot and cold wars

  Liberty is not for the weak and slack; it comes with a strong will to defend.

Remembrance Sunday this year will be on 8th November. It is when people who fought in wars for their countries are remembered and honoured. This happens every year and most prominently at the Cenotaph in Whitehall, London where the British Monarch traditionally lays a wreath. But it happens also at many other places in the world, including Kyrenia on the northern coast of Cyprus where the Anglican St Andrew’s Church provides a special Remembrance Sunday service and where the Kyrenia Branch of the Royal British Legion holds a ceremony a little later the same day by the Old British Cemetery. Continue reading

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Now is the time to visit North Cyprus

The last paradise on earth

When the first half of September has passed, the temperatures here in North Cyprus are pleasant night and day. The sea water remains wonderfully warm and silky. If you are not lucky enough to live here in North Cyprus, this is the time of the year when you and your friends should come and visit this land. Continue reading

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When the KGB delivered weapons to AKEL and why we need to wake up

July and August is the hottest time of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, a period when many people are tired and unobservant. The weeks of sleepiness were known by the ancient Romans as dies caniculares, and have long been referred to by English-speakers as the Dog Days, lasting, according to the Book of Common Prayer, from 6 July to 17 August, while The Old Farmer’s Almanac (British) has suggested that the period of mental sluggishness begins on 3 July and ends on 11 August. Continue reading

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Why the TRNC should develop and spread chivalry

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that men and women of good will do nothing”

In several parts of the world, many women and children are threatened by two kinds of men: the ones who are dangerously aggressive and the ones who are too weak or cowardly to protect them. Chivalry seems to have vanished in such areas. Continue reading

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