Hello, I am still alive and what good could Trump do?

By Bertil Wedin……..

This is the time of the year when many retired people have to produce evidence of the fact that they have remained alive, because if they fail to do so, they might not receive further payments from their pension and investment funds.


William Dreghorn

Dr William Dreghorn, the great science and art celebrity who settled in Kyrenia, Cyprus, in 1968 when he was 60 years of age, later adopted the habit of answering telephone calls with the words “Hello, I am not dead yet.”

I presume that any bank or investment fund manager would have accepted these words as evidence enough. That was the time of Western civilisation when officials said “I take your word for it” if you did not have documents to prove what you said about your identity, immigration visa and other matters

It happened twice when I was young and on holiday in foreign lands that I needed extra cash. As credit cards were unknown to me, I simply walked into the nearest bank and requested what I wanted. It was first Credit Lyonnais, Marseille, France, and then Barclays Bank in Kyrenia, Cyprus. I showed my passport to the bank manager and asked him to telephone “my” bank in Stockholm to check that I had money in my account there. In a few minutes I was given the amount of cash I had asked for minus a small fee for the telephone call.

It was a pleasure to live and travel in those days. Airports looked smart. Staff members as well as passengers were polite and well dressed. Banks were helpful. Many newspapers were decent, interesting and informative. The BBC provided an excellent World Service that could be heard by almost anyone in the world who had a reasonably powerful medium/short wave receiver.

The Free World looked so wonderfully sane and sound in contrast to the Nazism that had been defeated and the Communism that was widespread but was far too evil and miserable to be able to attract the sound minds of the countries where people elected their leaders.

Yet, leaders of Communism have carried out many successful campaigns with the aim to destroy the Free World, and they have done so with the help of so-called “progressives” who might not be philosophically linked to 18th century progressivism but are rather just secondary Communists.

Communist leaders have repeatedly created policies that are designed to destroy the Free World. “Progressives” have been “selling” these policies as were they good for the Free World.

Leaders of Communist countries and organisations decided in the 1950’s to flood the Free World with harmful and dangerously addictive narcotics while “progressives” promoted the use of such substances, saying they helped the young to liberate themselves from parents, headmasters and other authorities. Herbert Marcuse and Tom Hayden openly urged the student generation to take to such drugs.

Communists invented and “progressive” forces “sold” family policies that destroyed families and family values, defence policies that made the Free World less able to defend itself, cultural policies that replaced culture with vulgarisms and “human rights” laws that to a large extent criminalised the publication of facts and views that Communists wished to suppress.

Meanwhile the EEC changed into the EC and then became the European Union which Dr Vladimir Bukovsky described as “the new Soviet Union” when he gave a talk at the House of Commons of the UK Parliament fifteen years ago. The pro-Soviet Swedish diplomat Pierre Schori had said in an address to left-wing activists in 1992: “Comrades. The EEC was our capitalist enemy. What is now the EC will soon be the weapon with which we are going to Bertil Wedin pic 2introduce Socialism all over Europe and beyond.”

Free speech has been regulated by Communists and “progressives” to allow Communists and “progressives” to publicise their views and lies while their opponents’ views and truths might be criminalised as “hate speech”.

“Political correctness” is perhaps an unfortunate term to describe the current de facto censorship, because the phrase is sarcastic. It means the opposite of what it says. “Correct” normally means “good”. “Political correctness” stands for something bad and is perhaps what Aldous Huxley described as “the new totalitarianism”.

“Political correctness” is when decent and sound people feel that they must not speak their minds but instead present views and attitudes that they in fact loathe – because they fear extreme left-wing hostility.

“Political correctness” protects serious crimes and criminals. Among the worst crimes that have been committed in recent years are those of the modern slave trade. In many countries there are numerous brothels with women who were abducted and forced into an enslaved situation as prostitutes.

They have no freedom and no hope of freedom because the law enforcement agencies concerned do nothing to help them. Established politicians, including “progressives” and radical feminists do little or nothing to help. The reason for this is not only that the slave business bosses are dangerous. There is also an understanding among “progressives” that the sex-slave brothels are run by Communists and that the profit from the dirty business will benefit “the revolution”, i.e. the strengthening of the EU and the destruction of the Free World civilisation.

In the 1980’s, it leaked from British intelligence and sources close to the then President Ronald Reagan that Soviet intelligence was increasingly recruiting university students with humble social backgrounds who were looking for careers within the spheres of tax authorities and private sector financial management companies from where they could obtain personal data endlessly and harass customers.

It is, I suppose, against this background that pensioners and others have to spend more and more time filling in forms with stupid questions and get an increasing amount of documents witnessed and stamped.

Thereby our minds might be diverted from the horribly grim facts that the new migration to Europe and America has increased murder and other serious crime rates with hundreds of per cents. In my native Sweden gang rapes have increased by 1150 per cent.

Gang rape can be a form of warfare. There is a war going on. In this situation you cannot expect ordinary politicians to deal with the situation effectively.


US President-elect Donald Trump

The Free World now needs to be defended vigorously, but who should lead such defence? Well, whether you like it or not, the Americans have now chosen their Commander-in-Chief. It will be most interesting to see to what extent Donald Trump can liberate the Free World and bring back its civilised character. He is going to work closely with Britain’s new Prime Minister Theresa May and indeed with Nigel Farage whose liberation policies won in the Brexit referendum. Farage’s great victory gave him no public office in his own country but his friend Trump is likely to offer him an appointment, perhaps as the US ambassador to the EU.

These are exciting times. I am glad I am still alive!

Copyright (c) Bertil Wedin

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